Monday, October 12, 2015

Found Misery

Message (instructor to self, I assume) found on a crumpled post-it note, discovered when I crawled under the computer desk for the umpteenth time this semester to pull the plug (the only apparent way to restart this computer when it freezes, which it does on a regular basis):
Announce reading for Wednesday. Apologize for not having it up yet, but don't grovel. 
Oh, yeah.  Been there; felt that way (though never actually put it down in a note). These days such apologies mostly refer to grading rather than prep, because I have more control of the latter, but still, yeah.  


  1. There is some irony that you found this note whilst literally groveling to gain favor from the computer.

  2. My joint is short-staffed now, so colleagues and I are tag-teaming and picking up slack as best as we can. But, each day, at some point past the 14th hour, my brain rejects any further work. I've learned to trust my brain's judgment in matters regarding its own output.

    I've been saying sorry to my students a lot. I am apparently good at it, as the students haven't stormed the dean's office. Yet.

    In this drama, the solution to the woes of students and proffies alike is of course to hire more proffies. That won't happen till the "customers" complain directly, as proffies complaining on their behalf has gone nowhere.


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