Sunday, October 25, 2015

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I think educators are responsible for kid's education as well as parents. Student's fails and success depend on the educator. A student who is connected to his learning material is more likely to become attached to it.

Engaging students is an essential element of education process, I think if the formula for student engagement existed, students would less resort to professionals who can cope with case study writing or essay writing.

Students just need more motivation and engagement People used to think that modern students are lazy and aren't intelligent, but, perhaps, we need better education system?


  1. students would less resort to "professionals"...

    Fixed it for you.

    I think

    Oh, DID you?

    Also, if the formula for student engagement existed...

    If, indeed.

  2. This Email Included only a Link to An Essay Mill and No Porn At All.


  3. Essay mills. God, there are so many of them. For a time I was a little careless in letting students pick their own topics and literature to analyze, and I kept getting plagiarized stuff about the same 5-10 famous short stories and poems. Suffice it to say, don't let ANYONE write about Emily Dickinson or Ernest Hemingway...too much essay mill stuff out there that you'll have to search.

    1. I'm increasingly convinced that "classics" (however defined, in any case, well-known, much-written-about texts) should be discussed in class, while writing assignments should be based on obscure or very new texts (or at least on comparisons between well-known and obscure texts, or unexpected juxtapositions of primary and/or critical texts). It's the only way to create an environment in which the little dears will actually be forced, or at least encouraged, to think for themselves, and thus develop the skills they're supposed to be developing. Otherwise, searching the internet for the "right answer" (even if they properly paraphrase and/or quote and cite it) is just too damn tempting.

      Oh brave new world. . . .

    2. I like that idea very much. It is something I could adapt to my needs.


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