Wednesday, October 14, 2015

These things are dangerous. That's why you need a seven-day waiting period.

I'm talking about faculty meetings, of course. Bryan College in Dayton, TN, isn't taking any chances:
Under this new policy, a faculty member is required to go through a seven-step process that includes approval from the Academic Council, a written rationale stating the purpose of the meeting and a waiting period of at least a week.
More on these sensible precautions here


  1. I hate to say it, but every once in a while I read about a college and think "okay; if we have to sacrifice a few institutions of higher ed to the creative-destruction monsters, let's include this one." At least as described in this article, Bryan college fits the bill: not only does it (at least under its current president) seem bent on limiting both faculty governance and student freedom of expression, it requires faculty to hold certain beliefs regarding creation (which I'm guessing clash to some extent with the current scientific consensus), and it holds strong, presumably, in their view, religiously-founded beliefs against same-sex marriage (I disagree, but fair enough), *and* doesn't want those views to receive public attention (wha?!? Maybe they're afraid of discrimination lawsuits, but still, have the courage of your convictions).

    Or maybe (very likely) they just need a new president.

  2. Yes, CC, Bryan College is in Dayton, TN, home of the Scopes trial, and is named for William Jennings Bryan. Not a campus rife with Nobel laureates.

    Check out the PR photo of the president! Now compare the grin, the vacantly pleasant gaze, and the heavenly blue sky to the Reverend John Oliver (praise be). The only thing missing is a sweater vest.

    But more appropriate attire would be the fluffy pink twinsets favored by Dolores Umbridge at Hogwarts. This guy has her heart, to the extent that he one.

    1. Oh, that Bryan. Now it all makes sense (and I don't think a new president is going to solve the core problem).

    2. The difference is, if John Oliver were to propose such transparent ploys to shut down his faculty, I'd know that I could laugh knowingly instead of just wanting to smack him.

  3. The president reminds me of the last dean I had to deal with while I was teaching. Same smirk and everything. However, looks were quite deceiving.....


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