Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Duck, from EMH


  1. I second that! And is The Duck wearing a bow tie? Fancy!

    1. Why certainly, my good fellow. Serious, civilized ducks would hardly go to the local without dressing for the occasion. He checked his top coat, hat and cane. And no one needs a monocle to drink a pint.

  2. well, the duck appears healthy. I am worried that Hiram hasn't been curious about anything for awhile though. Did he move to a better place? Athens? Kent? Bowling Green? Yellow Spring? New Concord? Wooster? Fairborn? (note I did not mention that football factory in Columbus).

  3. I'm a bit concerned that the duck has aged considerably, or perhaps switched species (or maybe he was a Pekin rather than a Mallard all along, and has only recently come fully to terms with that, and arranged for his outsides to match his insides?).

    Or maybe that duck is an imposter (albeit an impeccably-dressed one). Still, it seems like we needed a duck right about now, so I'm grateful to EMH for arranging his visit.

  4. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck
    And there's duck doo on your pickup truck
    You can bet your bottom buck
    It ain't no armadillo.

    (I think that's from John Flynn)


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