Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I picture is worth a thousand words, or hopefully at least a few comments.

Give me a caption:

-- unknown sender
(it will be someone, though,
who will piss someone
off, and then there
will be email
to deal with.
there will be someone
who'll tell me we've
violated Corbis' copyright
law, and then if someone
comments that,
someone else will
call us all ninnies,
because don't we understand
the digital world,
a bunch of fucking old dudes
who don't get that
sharing is all
the thing now
and that ownership went out
with Ronald Reagan or 
Richard Nixon,
whoever was President
Before Barbara Bush's 
or whatever,
and did you know that this
site has been dying,
like, forever,
and the last good moderator
was Ben,
and then I'll know that
comment was from Ben,
because nobody thinks that
except for him,
and then Cal will sell his latest
mediocre book,
and some bad video off 
an unlistenable CD,
and then Wicked Walter will have
some Foghat lyric that
might seem to fit the
situations, but it's just
because Walt is really
drunk and he meant to
email that Foghat lyric to
an old girlfriend who
he couldn't marry, because,
well, she was from
Oklahoma originally, and
nobody, not even Walter,
has stones that big,
can you imagine what
the people in Waxahachie
would say about such madness.
and then hopefully another
post from Conan will come around
so the bickering
will end on this one
and we can get back to
the previous bickering,
and then I'm going to quit the site,
and then Terry P is going to open
a new one with a different name,
and 4 of the 6 remaining readers
will go there for 5 days, and then
come back here when Fab figures out
that everything we've done has
just been about tricking him back
to running things, because he was the best,
and even though Strelnikov famously
said he thought Fab had a lot
of feminine energy,
it'll bring peace to this place,
and all the old faces will
come around again, Yaro among them,
smiling, happy.
and then I can die.)


  1. I recognize Terry P every time!!

  2. Thank you.
    Thanks to the author, to the Mod, to Conan, even to Anonymous.
    Thank you

  3. The new CM: Calling Old Respondents Back, In Style.

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  5. And as for the caption, I suggest Lavoie's...

  6. I swear that left the room for just two minutes to get more chalk and the class had turned into the Lord of the Flies by the time I got back.

    BTW, what's with the "I picture..."? Is that supposed to be a Roman numeral or something?

  7. "The new student-led peer review system had some issues..."

    1. Oh shit, you don't know how close to trying this we are at my joint, and I'm in full-body cringe mode about it.

    2. Oh, I know: every time the historians point out that we need to assign a lot of writing (we read, we write. It's what we do), some yahoo from creative writing suggests it.

    3. I just realized that I was less than clear about what's making me cringe. It's that we are contemplating not only student peer review, but also peer INSTRUCTION. So novice1 teaches novice2, and then novice1 assesses novice2.

      I'm sure a scafolded system could be worked out with safeguards and rubrics and standardized tests at the end of each module, but it will not be save faculty time the way that admin thinks it can.

  8. Replies
    1. Nice. I couldn't figure out how to work the blackboard math in.

  9. Caption:
    January 2019 - All the remaining teachers in Wisconsin gather to celebrate the end of Governor Walker's time in office.

  10. The Tuk U Office of Pedagogical Pontification and Edubabble Wankery was forced to concede that their latest innovation had not produced the desired results. "It's strange" said OPPEW Directer of Rainbows and Unicorns Tina Buchs-Bernier, "We had heard such good things about the flipped classroom, but when we moved the blackboards to the back of the room, everything descended into chaos."

  11. Every time I'm about ready to give up, something pulls me back, like the amazing parenthetical above. I've said it from the very beginning, the GOON OLD DAYS, you motherfuckas are crazzy...God love you all.

    And God Bless Texas.


    1. Hiram Hannah from Hamilton OhFebruary 25, 2016 at 8:27 AM

      If Walt's in, so am I.

      Oh, the caption is obvious: "And that's how the Calculus Orgy Club always started their meetings..."

    2. I win the pool!! I had Hiram back on February 28th. I was the closest.

    3. The parenthetical is, indeed, pretty brilliant.

      And nice to see you both, Walter and Hiram.

  12. "And then Conan called his attorney..."


  13. This post reminds me of one of Greta's poems, in which class goings-on and pedagogical changes somehow led us into fully facing our eventual death and the hope for rebirth that we can't quite shake.

    For just a moment, I tasted the goon old days.

  14. "What started out as playful throwing of paper balls and mock punches to the head soon descended to karate chops to areas of the back approximately where the kidneys are located, and butterfly knives liberated from their hiding places tucked into socks... afterwards, the survivors agreed that things had escalated quickly, far too quickly..."

  15. I like the idea of a peer review system gone wrong. Failing that, I'm guessing these students have received instruction in the current "Run/Hide/Fight Back" wisdom for active shooter situations, and are experimenting with various options for fighting back. None of them look all that promising to me. The guy at bottom left is, of course, though I think the guy at bottom right might be in some danger of losing an eye, and the woman behind probably has a pretty good idea (assuming the bad guy has hair that is as handy for grabbing as hers is).

    The guy at bottom left is, of course, calling campus security and/or 911 to report the attack. Well, either that or he's goofing off.

    1. He's recording the whole thing that he can post something cool on youtube.

  16. Figure 1. Millennial behaviour after 5 minutes without wi-fi.

  17. "Hello? Yes, I wish to lodge a complaint. I was told there'd be a person here to be my partner. Auto WHAT? Yes, I'll hold."


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