Sunday, February 28, 2016

I've been working on my research, I swear.

I just wrote a(nother) murder mystery, which I think should totally count as scholarship.
And I am going to offer it to my fellow Miserians, which means I'm a Public Intellectual now or something. 

The blurb: 

Seven on the crew. Six seats in the canoe. Everyone wants to paddle in the big Labor Day race.

What could go wrong?

Professor Molly Barda investigates a mysterious paddling accident near Hawaii's Mahina State University, and realizes it isn't just business majors who cheat to get what they want. Whether it's moving up in the college rankings, getting a seat in the big canoe race, or just looking out for themselves, some people will do whatever it takes-including murder.

How to get the ebook for free:

Use coupon code ET33E 

I hope you enjoy it. 
If you don't, then please recommend it to someone you dislike. 


  1. Thanks! I really enjoyed the first two Molly Barda books.

  2. Thank you, Frankie! I am adding these to my summer reading.

  3. Thanks, Frankie! Prefect spring break reading...

  4. Thanks, Frankie! I enjoyed Defunct Adjunct, even when I was getting eye-twitches from the administration at the fictional college.

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  6. Looking forward to reading this Frankie! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Much appreciated, Frankie. A collaborator owes me a favor, and I think I'll ask that he purchase the actual book at full price to settle the debt.

    This one makes the third in the Molly Barda series? There's "The Musubi Murder", "The Case of the Defunct Adjunct", now this one, if I recall correctly.

    1. That's correct, OPH, although Defunct Adjunct is a prequel that can be read out of order. Thanks for the support! I hope you enjoy it.


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