Sunday, March 13, 2016

Comment Trouble

I've now had emails from about a dozen readers who are unable to comment through the previously working "Name/URL" or "Anonymous" commenting options.

For as long as I've run the page they have worked, and I've noted an increase in readers making use of that completely non-registered option. I cannot duplicate the error here. If you've had trouble with this, please email me here and tell me what browser you use and any error or description of the error as it occurs to you.

Compound Crystal


  1. If you can see this post, it works.

  2. I had trouble over the weekend commenting, but it seems to work now.

  3. If you can see this work, it posts (although it didn't over the weekend)

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    1. If you can see this comment, then you should know that I never do business with spammers.

  5. As far as I can tell, the asylum is operating entirely as usual (but I'm logged in).

  6. I finally created an account, as I was sick of the page eating my comments. I was using Firefox.


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