Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's now officially "scholarship that counts"

Thinking about attending MSUM? Tell us why you'd like to #BeADragon and you can win up to a $2,500 scholarship! That's in ADDITION to any other MSUM scholarships that you qualify for. Enter by tweeting why you want to #BeADragon and follow@AdmissionsMSUM. Entries will be judged on how creatively you include Dragon Pride as you explain why you wish to #BeADragon. The tweet can include pictures and links to video and other media.

I think this isn't so much a sign of the End Times as it is a clever way to get a lot of social media buzz in return for a small investment. 

Although I am warming up my thumbs just in case grant applications start going this way. 



  1. Meanwhile when I need money FAFSA be like "Oh, I see your family takes showers that are a minute above the national average. Guess you don't need any aid."

  2. First the Twitter essay, now the Twitter grant application. Here's mine:

    Give me $$$ & I'll do great things & thank you in my Nobel acceptance speech.

    1. Shit, I didn't use any hashtags; I'll just have to revise and resubmit.

    2. I got you:

      #blessed #thanksObama #neverforget


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