Friday, May 6, 2016

"As Summer Approaches, I Have Nostalgic Feelings for the Old Hiatus. And When I Think of Hiatus I Think of the Summer of Cash." From Nostalgic Old Terry P.

"I destroyed the fence that keeps the alpaca in."


  1. No, please, not another hiatus.

    Unless the RGM needs time to plan a really cool project, like College Misery on the Oculus Rift, translating our text into Snoop Dog lyrics, or something like that.

  2. Oh, I wasn't suggesting. I just always got a kick out of Cash, someone who raised my opinion of Pepperdine tremendously when he admitted he was from there.

  3. I've got some fence-building tools, but probably not enough material for this particular job (plans were to build a fence to keep deer *out* of the community garden plot). So I guess we'll have to hit Home Depot.

    In the meantime, anybody got a spare, preferably well-trained (and versatile) sheepdog?

    Or maybe, since we're now in Florida (gotta look out of the window now and then; perhaps when I finish grading), the gators will take care of the problem before we get a chance to do anything?


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