Thursday, June 16, 2016

Let's talk about "CONSTRUCTIVE student evaluation of professors."

Inspired by the recent flashback post, I headed over to you-know-where. After spending just a few minutes on the site, I had a pretty good idea of how we can all "improve" our "teaching."

Don't be that professor who "asks for papers" or tells students to be "organized."  Too divisive and controversial.
(You should be able to click on each graphic to see it in a larger size...)

Don't let this be you! 

Instead, let class out early.

And do more squats. 

There, I just saved you hours of professional development in-service.

You're welcome.


  1. Yup, easy = great teacher. They don't understand that if a teacher is easy, they aren't learning much. Are they in college for an education or a certificate? In many cases, we know the answer to that question.

  2. Ugh, that's so gross. Thanks for doing that so we didn't have to.

  3. Not surprising, but sad all the same. Just like my 10 year old would rather live on candy and chips and not go near a vegetable at any point, many students would prefer to never have to actually think about anything ever. In both cases, a good parent/teacher does not actually let them have their way. I wish someone would tell administrators that.

  4. It what I would expect. Depressing. And didn't someone on another thread refer to RYP as having "constructive criticism".

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    2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you've nailed the reason the OP had "constructive [criticism]" in the title and linked to that other thread ;-)

  5. This reminds me: I need to check my RYP page, and "curate" (i.e. add comments) as/if necessary. I used to do that pretty regularly, but haven't for a while. It looks like they've gotten new graphics since I last visited (more squarish/app-ish).

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the first teacher's students, but if the more critical student was being asked to buy decorative/colorful paper in the name of getting organized (as opposed to being asked to write papers), I might be a bit sympathetic.

    As far as the last set goes, I'm of an age where I do exercises in hopes of maintaining maximum possible function rather than of sculpting any particular body part (which is a good thing, since the latter is a lost cause), but the comments remind me of an observation that I'm pretty sure someone has made here before: comments on RYP tend to echo each other, and may even be echoed in official evaluations.

    All the more reason to post a comment or two yourself (or ask a friend to do so) if you don't like the way the conversation is going. I always offer a bit of legitimate advice for succeeding in the class (couched in a student voice, of course -- e.g. "it seems like a lot of work, but if you just do all the little assignments you'll get there"), to assuage any conscientious pangs over tricking readers/gaming the system.

  6. To help you remember that it's not RYP, but RMP, just pronounce it "rump", as in, most of the ratings on the site might as well have come directly out of someone's rump.

  7. It always amazes me when I hear sober administrators say, "But he's got great ratings on RMP."

  8. My personal best: "She's as close to the antichrist as you can get."


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