Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cancelled Class Blues

I know we've discussed this before, and my memory is that some people were annoyed that this page made a thing out of professor cancellations. But, although I'm nowhere near perfect, I tend to meet my classes all semester long.



  1. Granted that tenured deadwood proffies are certainly capable of pulling this kind of thing, I have to assume the lion's share are hapless contingent faculty who received their course assignment about 36 hours in advance and couldn't get shit together, or arrange for child care, in time. Right?

  2. You are very forgiving, Curly! In the reports that Kimmie and Terry have given me the past 2 years, it's RARELY overwhelmed adjuncts. But that's just anecdotal.

  3. Education is a funny thing - many consumers want less! And it's not just cancelling classes. If you dare cover more material than some of your colleagues, your evals are at risk.

  4. This is shameful. My course content starts on day 1. I think the little darlings are surprised that I actually teach content that day.


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