Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How About the Rest of Us Go In Today?


  1. Get over it dude. Teach your own fucking classes and quit worrying about others.

  2. I have cancelled past classes and will cancel future classes to suit my personal schedule...but by gawd, I've always got a hybrid-ized class ready to roll, with video lectures and online discussions and all sorts of good shizzle. In fact, there's usually more stuff for students to do while I'm gone than when I'm there in the flesh.

    1. I'm a bit surprised that more of these don't say "my professor said we're having class online." That's certainly the growing expectation at my institution, and at those where my friends teach. We're even to the point where we get some guidance in what constitutes a substantive online session vs. a make-work one. Of course, a lot of us already teach online and hybrid courses, and so, like Dr. M, already have an online version of the planned activity ready to go. Especially in the winter (and sometimes including on the first day of the winter semester), I expect to spend some time updating the course calendar and sending out instructions for online exercises in lieu of class. There isn't really even much grumbling from students about the lost day off, at least not if they've experienced the trainwreck that the end of the semester can become if there are too many days lost to snow. It ends when it ends, after all, and the work has to be done somehow.


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