Thursday, August 11, 2016

This Year I Will NOT.... This Week's Big Thirsty from Nick.

Q: What will you NOT do this year? Me, well, I'm not going to bump a grade up half a letter to avoid conflict. You want a piece of me? Come get some!


  1. I had 2 disturbing evaluations this past semester that are just at odds with what I think I'm trying to do in the class. Both students remarked that I was really "casual" and "relaxed" about attendance, guidelines, reading assignments, etc. That horrifies me. I believe it came across that way, but I'm going to avoid any kind of casual, "Hey, here's how we do papers in college. Do your best to meet these guidelines," which I know I say, but probably don't mean in the way students hear it.

  2. This year I will not turn a blind eye to blatant cheating. I will also not act like a know-it-all jerk (even when they ask really dumb questions that I answered 8 seconds ago).

    And in keeping with last year's successful promise I will not let a student add late when they have missed more than a week of class due to a serious illness. Because, jeebuz, I don't see them catching up or recovering fully (especially when it is chronic) and I don't like setting them up for failure!

  3. All student concerns, brought forth during class, will ONLY AND ALWAYS be dealt with during official office hours.

    No more informal, on the fly, sincere-but-rushed decisions.
    No more allowing myself to be ambushed.

    Always give myself the time and space to give, and appear to give, real attention and real thought to whatever academic or personal problem 'they' bring.

  4. This year I will not…ruminate over the stupidity of our institution’s leathery president, Gol Dintalead.

  5. I'm not going to snort rails of coke with the provost's assistant during basketball halftime.

    1. You owe me a cup of coffee. And a wipe for my screen. AAnd a new nose.

  6. I am going to try to be kind, or at least less snarky in class. Try. It's hard.

  7. So, the assignment is to phrase my resulution as a negative. Here goes:

    1. I will NOT allow myself feel so uneasy, heartbroken, etc. when I allow students to experience the consequences of not meeting minimal expectations.

    2. I will NOT chase after them, repeatedly cajole them, etc. into doing something, anything to improve their lot.

    3. I will NOT keep thinking that my failure to hold their hands is in some way the same as setting them up for failure.

    4. I will NOT act as if I care more about their education than they do.

    5. I will NOT beat myself up when I DO care more about their education than they appear to, but neither will I act on that caring inappropriately.

    6. I will NOT edit this list to reduce redundancy, for it is forever circular and comprising concepts that exist together and apart.

  8. I have a couple of students who only schedule tutoring appointments with me because I remind them that they haven't made an appointment. They are getting ready to leave for college and I can't help but feel that this is setting them up for a rude awakening.


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