Friday, September 9, 2016


A reader noted that the 2 most recent comics were created using portions of blank strips created by the cartoonists who do "Penny Arcade." These artists have made their blanks available to ESL and EFL teachers in the past, and they've been used as language lessons in several states as recently as last year.

A longtime reader named Isaac sent them in and told me about their provenance. I did not do any checking, however, and in response to the reader who contacted me I've taken them down.

I don't know anything about the "Alladin Sane" comics from the previous days. They came in from Reg W., but to be on the safe side I've deleted them as well.



  1. I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian on a blog somewhere, and there was no credit given for. Could you call those people up and take care of it? Thanks.

    1. I respect the readers when they send in these notices. I know they are acting with good intentions. It's not our policy to to co-opt stuff. As noted several times, all of the graphics are heavily edited and stand our own guidelines of fair use. Pissy, you are entitled to your humor and your opinion. Sorrys all around.

  2. Probably a wise decision (and definitely Fab's to make), but the series was fun while it lasted. I still miss our original-to-CM cartoonists (but realize that efforts have been made to lure them back, to no avail).

  3. Did you save the comments? Can you put them back up, sans comics? That shit was gold.


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