Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Re:I want the Hindi version?

Dear Mr./Mrs. Misery:

I am Sarah from New Delhi,I am working in a translation company in New Delhi,
I am good at translation,
English to Hindi, or Hindi to English, as I am India based, I know very well about Hindi Language.
Do you want me to translate any docs for you?

Best Regards.

Sarah Supal

New Delhi, India


  1. *India-based

    All the docs I know who speak Hindi also speak English quite well, thus they can translate themselves if need be. But thanks all the same.

    How good are you at translating Administrative Eduwankese?

    1. Can we get the translations from AE on the sly, and then decide whether we want to acknowledge receiving them or not? (while paying the bill, of course; decent people don't stiff outside contractors).

      I'm never quite sure whether I want to understand what the administrators are saying (mostly out of self-protection, since there very rarely seem to be any interesting opportunities for me in all their initiatives, institutes, etc.; also, these things seem to come and go with alarming regularity/predictability, which makes me question the wisdom of getting involved) or whether I prefer to let their pronouncements flow over me like adult conversation in a Peanuts cartoon.

  2. Concerned IndividualOctober 25, 2016 at 7:53 AM

    The racist and xenophobic moderator has shifted his hatred to a new target.

    1. Troll noted. OPH wins, by the way.

    2. CI: You win! You've got us pegged. Well done.

    3. Oh, Donald...sorry, Concerned Individual, I mean.

      More "concerning" than concerned, tbh.

    4. He's right.

      We should have at least written it in a language to which they didn't claim the ability to translate.

      Si vous avez traduit cela, je viens de gagner.

    5. If I back-translate it, do you then lose?

  3. Indian college misery is likely just as miserable/entertaining as anglosphere misery. A hindi version of this page would probably have a few hundred thousand readers.


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