Friday, October 21, 2016

support duck

Apparently we aren't the only ones to turn to a duck when our equanimity needs restoring.  I hope our duck doesn't feel neglected because we haven't issued him shoes, or a diaper, or taken him on a plane (I assume all those compound moves have been made by u-haul, or perhaps VW camper van).

Contingent Cassandra (possibly from Conshohocken)


  1. Thank you for this, Cassandra! I've seen problems with balancing the needs of people who have service dogs and those who are allergic to or afraid of dogs. Service ducks might be just the thing.

  2. On seeing this I first thought of the England cricket team, who have a well-known affinity for ducks.

    However, I then got to the campus where there will be some kind of event for prospective students and their parents, and someone has prepared a red carpet.

    So my thinking turned from cricket to rhyming slang.

    If this were my department laying out red carpet, equanimity would not be on today's menu.

  3. Wasn't there a campus that had dorm problems with a service pig? Cute duck/story, but this whole trend is idiotic. I NEED my service rattle snake! Actually, I've heard some airlines are starting to crack down on this trend.

  4. I wonder if proffies could bring a service animal to work?

    I'd mention gorillas, but that might get conflated with silverbacks (and they're already providing sterling service at my joint; no additional contributions from them are likely to be sought).

  5. I have a support spider who spins her web in a high corner of my office, above the bookshelf that holds my old copy of Strunk & White.


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