Monday, November 28, 2016

Which Icon Should I Press? A Primer.

If you're looking to post something on the page, the gold email thingie icon at the TOP of the right sidebar allows you to do that. Put in your email EXACTLY what you want to appear in your post, and DON'T include real names or info that might appear in your email's sig file. Always include your user name (the name we know you by, your nom de misery) at the bottom of your email.


Further down the sidebar is the RGM icon, and that's the email link you use if you want to contact this page's mod with questions, complaints, comments, etc.


  1. Wait. You mean all this time you've wanted US to send in posts? Sheesh.

    1. This changes everything.

  2. The icons never work for me, in any browser. I just go to my gmail account and type in the address. I don't know if this is an issue for anyone else.


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