Thursday, December 15, 2016

Brief musings about finals misery and a Big Thirsty to Boot!

Clearly Dr. Amelia is doing ANYTHING to avoid grading:

1. "In our world today" was on our list of banned phrases for the class because Dr. Amelia hates it, she does. So, why, Why, WHY am I seeing it in every tea partying essay exam answer today?

2. The students get hot chocolate and therapy dogs to deal with the stress of studying for finals. Where are my puppies? Someone needs to get on this immediately.

3. Yes, you still have to do a final presentation, even if you don't want to or aren't prepared. You will be embarrassed by not having prepared, and I understand that. It's a natural consequence. Life is full of 'em.

4. I commute an hour to my workplace as a two-body problem solution. Could you people please stop scheduling one 30-minute meeting in the middle of a day when I don't give a test? For the love...

5. You "Studied together" and the part Jimmy Bobby was responsible for summarizing was wrong and you just studied his summary and therefore got that essay question bass ackwards? Too. Darned. Bad. Either pick better friends, or do your own work. DO NOT tell me things are not fair.

And a mini fill-in-the-blank thirsty for youse guys:

I don't always get this angry while grading finals, but when I do...


  1. ...I NEVER let my feelings bias the grading, but when I turn those well-deserved 'C's, 'D's, and 'F's, I have a clear conscience, despite how much it worries me about the future of the free world.

  2. . . . I prefer Dos Equis.


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