The Rules of Misery

College Misery is moderated. In order for CM to be as useful, fun, lively, and interesting as possible, we honor open discussion, debate, and comment. CM is proudly irreverent, sometimes profane, controversial, charged, and enthusiastic about its subjects. But as we are a community, we're asking that you be aware that the space here is shared.
  • Do not minimize the experiences of other members. 
  • Comments and posts that are designed purely to attack others and/or drive away readers are subject to deletion. 
  • Do not impersonate another CM community member. Do not post under multiple monikers or logins. Do not post anonymously or with "non-names" like Nobody, No One, Anonymous Prof, Unknown, etc.
  • Do not post or comment with racist, sexist, hateful, objectionable, or otherwise inappropriate material.
  • "Trolls" who aim to disrupt the community should expect to have their contributions deleted. 
  • Do not repost material from your own website or blog. CM correspondents write original material for the site.
  • Do not post graphics and images if they don't belong to you. This blog and its predecessor have always allowed "edited" images, but we reserve the right to delete and/or modify any posted image that violates fair use.
  • When the page has a surfeit of posts on a given day, the moderators reserve the right to delay a post to an upcoming day.
Should you wish to comment about the moderation of the site, please email us.