Saturday, August 14, 2010

Any Problems With Posting a Comment?

Has anyone had trouble posting a comment. One reader has been trying to comment for several days. She logs in, write a comment, presses "POST YOUR COMMENT," and then the thing disappears. Her profile even shows that she has written comments, but they do not appear on CM.

If anyone had this problem and found a workaround, a comment below might help this reader.

Thank you.


  1. I've heard that Blogger's spam detection software has been modified recently so the blog admin may want to check the settings.

    I saw two short comments, one offensive and one not, disappear earlier today.

  2. Mmmmaybe-- I've had several things I thought I posted disappear, but then decided that I must have mistakenly hit the 'preview' button and navigated away, once again. Maybe I'm *not* smoking too many rocks! No workaround love, though. Maybe the other poster's been smoking the same rocks as I?

  3. There was a period of time when I had the comments sign in setting off so we could test for this problem. Once the test was over I removed what I saw of the unattributed or anonymous comments. I assumed that since I didn't recognize the names as anyone who's posted or commented here before, that it was okay to do that.

    Dr. Lemur, this person has not made a post yet. She's unable to simply comment. We're still working on it. I have found some blogger forums that say this is not entirely uncommon.

  4. That explains the stray comment by "anonymous" in the "Explaining" thread...


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