Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What To Do (and Not Do) When Your Comments Don't Appear.

  • First of all, don't panic.
  • Secondly, don't imagine some conspiracy against you.
  • Thirdly, don't then imagine ME at the hub of the conspiracy.
  • Fourthly, try NOT to send me a pissy email, as if I'm spending my day waiting to smite your comments and then laughing with glee as I delete them.

What happens sometimes is the Blogger spam filter catches your comment and puts it in a folder for someone to approve or delete at another time. This filter is odd. Sometimes it catches comments full of profanities, but other times not. I've seen comments with product names in them get caught, but other times not. I don't know how it works, but this is what happens.

Whenever I'm online, I do take a virtual stroll to the CM page and if I see comments that have been held up I just publish them. It might be 10 minutes after you tried to comment, or 10 hours.

This has come up a few times and so I thought I'd hit you all with a reminder. I also got some awfully ridiculously angry and escalating emails this morning from someone who had convinced himself that I had deemed his participation in the page unworthy, and he wanted to punish me (me, Fab Sun!) for thwarting his efforts at making a witty rejoinder on something.

Anyway, maybe I AM an asshole, but I wasn't an asshole about this. When I saw the comments in the spam filter I simply approved them and they appeared on the page. No black helicopters.


  1. Oh, and because someone asked the other day, there are currently 97 registered CM correspondents.

  2. Here's the answer for future encounters: You want the Internet? You can't handle the Internet!

    These are the same people who make faculty meetings such a bitch because they can't figure out how to run the copier. Or the coffee machine. Or the mimeograph they have chained to the wall and that they protect from the bulldozers with their prostrate bodies.

  3. How dare you make us suffer a delay? Everyone knows how much we love irate, spit-flecked "witty" rejoinders.

    But seriously, next time, publish the emails. You don't have to cite the sender. Just post them. Shame the sender.

    I'm sure we'd all love to see them. Save for the asshole that wrote them, of course.

  4. "This is the third time I've tried to reach you at your EMAIL US link. At least if you're going to have that link you should consider answering mail when it comes in.

    Okay, so you know the drill already. I posted some comments on the post 'Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx' two hours ago and when I went to check and see what kinds of responses I had gotten, I saw that you had taken my comments down.

    That's not right. This is supposed to be an open blog, and just because I stir things up a bit - it's a curse to me, too, I can assure you - doesn't mean you can censor what I have to say. My bet is that some of the weaker wills on here don't think that what I have to say about xxxxxxxxxxxx is quite politic enough, and that's too bad. I'm just telling it like it is.

    Now if this place has become a haven for those xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs, then maybe I can understand why there's a movement to shut down voices like mine. Won't Xxxxxxxxxxxx be next? Do you have meetings to discuss whose voice can be heard?

    But I'm going to try this one more time. PUT MY COMMENT UP. It's valid. I'm a member of the blog. And, fess up to what you're doing. If you've deleted my comment, then I want the whole blog to know you're doing that. It's an asshole move, truly, and I hate to think how many people you've silenced already.

    If you have the balls, reply to me, and I hope you'll put my comment back up again as soon as you get this."

  5. Oh. My. God. I don't know what's more ridiculous. The delusions of grandeur, or the delusions of persecution.


  6. I know that I would never want to moderate this or ANY other blog.

  7. I"m so sorry! It must make you seriously consider taking the "email us" link down. Makes it pretty clear where the entitled weenie snowflakes are coming from, doesn't it.

    But do keep posting the moronic emails. It may shame a few people into thinking twice before they press "send".

  8. Dear Fab,

    Sorry to hear you're being made to put up with this nonsense, but that's what one gets when one deals with academics. ;-)

    Keep up the good work, anyway.


  9. Ooo, Fab, can you post a "moronic e-mail of the week"? Month? Puh-leeze?

    My favorite line: "just because I stir things up a bit - it's a curse to me, too, I can assure you -." What a pompous ass.

  10. Does the fact that I'm pretty sure I know who that was make me a bad person?

  11. I apologize for e-mailing you when this happened to me. I keep expecting to be banned, even though you've stated that you don't intend to ban anyone, but I know that several (or perhaps, many) people have requested it. Anyway I should have considered technical problems before Grand Conspiracy theories.

    I don't think I was anywhere nearly as rude as the message you posted, though. There is really no reason to call you an asshole when you're volunteering your time to manage this blog.

  12. "I'm a member of the blog." Uh, blogs have members? I didn't realize that, but my monthly dues are on the way, I assure you.

    I second the call for a dippy email of the week/month.

  13. [This comment has been censored by Fab Sun]


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