Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Farewell Fab.

I want to tip my cap to Fab, who has turned over the site to me as of this morning. As he noted earlier, we're old pals, and I love him dearly.

This note is to say that besides that, nothing's changing. I hope CM continues to grow and develop, and I want nothing more than to simply stay out of the way.

I welcome feedback through the comments or through the CM email, so don't hesitate to contact me.

Leslie K.


  1., about the dreary background!!!

  2. Hi Leslie K and welcome. It won't be long until your name is taken in vain, so enjoy the good feelings now...haha.

    And thanks get my thanks at least for providing a space where Yaro could exist!

  3. LK, your avatar looks familiar. Tell me you're not anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.

    And welcome.

  4. ", about the dreary background!!!"
    - Darla Keef

    I like reminds me of Detroit or maybe Stalingrad right after the siege ended.

    "Where's your faith in the Fuehrer now, General Paulus?"


    I welcome Leslie K. to that space which may either turn out to be the "Berlin Alexanderplatz" of the 21st century, or the second coming of CB radio, the zone of glory we call CAMPUS MISERY.

  5. "CAMPUS MISERY"?!?!

    I gotta stop posting "high" from sleep deprivation!

  6. Thanks to Fab, and welcome to Leslie. I agree with ELS; any space that serves as a catalyst for the periodic emergence of Yaro from whatever ether he habitually inhabits has a lot going for it.

    @Strelnikov: Campus Misery sounds about right to me. I didn't even notice the revision. Then again, I believe I've been awake at every hour of the day and night except 3-4 a.m. sometime in the last week. Sleep-deprived minds may work alike.

  7. Yes, welcome Leslie, and don't be a stranger, dear Fab.

    @Cassandra and Strelnikov: It was so hard to drag my bottom out of bed this morning that I was wondering whether other profs were feeling this way. Thanks for the college/campus commiseration.


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