Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The College Conspiracy, or, Commies on Parade

Wow, we're part of a conspiracy! I'm impressed with myself, given that I can't even remember what day it is...

PS: I'm a Jew, so I guess that's now TWO conspiracies I'm a part of. Oh, and the feminist/lesbian/witch conspiracy. That's THREE!


  1. I stopped watching when the narrator said "the entire purpose of elementary school is to prepare students for high school."

    Well, no, it's not. The whole first chunk is so stupid and ignorant that I just can't make myself watch anymore.

  2. Looks like the NIA is also a conspiracy.The guy who runs it is some penny stock trader and there are lots of weird, boring articles about him on the interwebs.

  3. The underbelly of the Information Age.

    A few years back this guy would be cranking out "newsletters" on a mimeograph machine and trying to get passersby to not ignore him outside of a subway station.

    Now he gets 3M YouTube hits and thinks he's the next Edward R. Murrow.

    As the great philosopher maƮtre d'Bueller once said: "I weep for the future."

  4. I'm with Richard. The constant refrain of "never" and "always" in the intro tipped me off that this was a waste of time, even for the internet.

  5. I listened to about 15 minutes. I'm not opposed to the basic idea that students often get themselves into trouble by going into massive debt, sometimes without giving much thought to the reality of the job market that awaits them after graduation. But of course, the idea that "it's all a conspiracy" is a bit much to swallow, along with all the extreme "never/always" language that Beaker Ben pointed out.

    People like this make me wonder why common sense is such an uncommon virtue.

  6. I watched more and it makes some good points. But the language and presentation are very conspiratorial and extreme. For example, the total sum of building projects from 2005-2009 is given - with no context, just a big number to sound like a lot, as if it makes no difference what total budgets are, how many institutions that involves, etc. Then it says that NONE of these construction projects did ANYTHING to improve education. This is the discourse we get on Fox.


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