Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Throwback to the NYU Snowflake

I hate to rehash something that was posted last week but I just finished reading the entire exchange at The Gawker to Crazy Math Spouse. We had a rather lively discussion about the snowflake who refused to do her Occupy Wall Street ethnographic (whatever that is) and sent many department-wide emails threatening to publish an op-ed telling the world how poorly she was treated by her professor and the administration.

I suspect that many of you didn't make it to the end of the crazy emails. But in the very last email there was one paragraph that just took the cake and I wanted to share it with everyone.

"Furthermore, I told you, in no uncertain terms, that Professor Zaloom was mistreating me, humiliating me, impinging on my personal time by not allowing me to ask questions during class, and in turn, forcing me to study for more time outside of class, and to solicit help from my peers."

You just can't make this shit up.


  1. I swear to go, I want to copy down the whole thing in teeny tiny handwritten print as though written by a prisoner in a deep dark dungeon where sanity never visits. And I want to frame it for being the paragon of true college misery.

  2. I think she's going to end up in a dark dungeon somewhere that they don't allow sharp objects. She was seriously unbalanced. And I still can't believe I read the whole thing. I blame you, CMP :o).


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