Saturday, January 7, 2012

Horst - the 35 Dollar Breakfast.

Breakfast Potatoes
Rye Toast
Crisp Bacon
3 Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

$35 with tip to Jade.
Priceless: Skipping the clusterfuck downstairs.


  1. Sweet smokin' Jesus Horst!!! You paid $35 for that? Sure, that's a nice breakfast, but I do that most weekends at home for about $4, for me and my daughter! And we get the nice applewood smoked bacon from the farm up the road. I do the eggs/bacon/potatoes/toast, while she squeezes the oranges.

    Dang. Glad my involvement in an applied and hence denigrated subfield doesn't involved such financial assault. They know we're professors, right? WTF?

    BTW, totally enjoyed your first update from MLA.

  2. My breakfast cost less than that. Shit, my rent is less than that!

    And, for more MLA misery, here's how you know your interview is not going great. The fucking interviewer lets her cell phone ring AND answers it right in the middle of my answer.

    Listen, I like to be connected. But a message to all interviewers, at least pretend to be present for my fucking interview. You can get your big important call later.

  3. You avoid the misery of the conference to the same degree and save about $30 if you actually leave the hotel and walk about three blocks. This has worked for me in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and St. Louis. It was less successful in L.A., only saving about $10. But I'd try the strategy if I were in Seattle, despite the weather.

  4. Yeah, but you have to RUN INTO EVERYONE in the lobby as you go out. Plus, you can't wear pajamas. I'm with Horst.

    I was there too but forgot my carrot.


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