Saturday, January 7, 2012

You can have a student to help out

Happy New Year, comiserants!

You may recall my Christmas Eve rant about the firing of my administrative assistant. They did it. I called the president Monday, since he hadn't answered my email to the tune of "how in the hell do you expect me to get all this work done without my assistant?".

"We'll think of something!"

Tuesday the HR person showed up with a check-list. I remained sitting behind my Big Dean Desk and had her sit at the meeting table, to keep myself from hitting her. She had lots of bright ideas: this person can help with doing this, that person can help with doing that, and I'll give you a student for free for three months to help out!

When she left I realized that someone needs to be coordinating all these helper-outers. And I decided that person is not going to be me. I'm resigning after the faculty board meeting next week. The adjunct for Hamster Fur weaving, my actual research field back in the days I did real research, just quit. I will be happy to teach Hamster Fur weaving. And polish that CV.

The outrage at school has been wonderful. My proffies are (with a few exceptions) 100% behind me. The students are on a rampage. The administration sent out a lame letter on Wednesday to everyone, like as if they didn't realize that nothing else was being discussed at school. I'm redirecting all the registration crap to the chancellor. All demands for work to be done I am forwarding to HR. I've requested that all my department heads report directly to the president, and to report often. Keep them all busy. 

And I moved all my personal stuff out of the office. It feels good. There is even one person willing to take over. S/he noted: I can come in in a situation like this, and everyone will be glad to help and will accept any changes I make. And I will be forgiven for everything I drop on the floor, something they would not do for you since you "know the ropes". I've been offered an in-house chairing of something interesting under the hand ("for when and if you do step down").

The thought of teaching - even snowflakes! - is delightful. Why, I might even get a paper written this year! 2012 is actually looking up. And my administrator is taking the school to court. I hope he wins a big settlement, although that will have to come out of the already tight budget.....


  1. congratulations! I trust your administrators learn something from all this.

  2. Suzy, I have always appreciated your view from the Big Dean Desk. I get the sense that you've always worn a professor hat underneath the dean one, and I'm sure that your university will lose out big time without your direction at that level.

    I wish you well in your return to full time teaching in hamster fur weaving.

  3. My heart explodes with delight for you, Dean Suzy!!

  4. Man, if I had ever had a Dean with balls as big as you, Suzy! Too many deans love the title and salary and then take whatever shit comes down from on high. I truly applaud you for taking a stand. Enjoy being a proffie.

  5. Ohhh Suzy, please, please, please keep us regularly updated on this situation. Many of us are currently living vicariously through you.

  6. Congratulations on your escape-in-progress, Suzy! And happy teaching! I'm sure the hamsters will look especially friendly after the rats you've been dealing with (though perhaps that is unfair to rats, who can be quite pleasant creatures, too).


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