Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maggie from Miami Sends in a Joyous VidShizzle. "Despite Our Differences, Don't We Miserable Proffies At Least Still Love Books?"


  1. I like them when they sit still and invite careful reading and deep, sustained thinking. If I wanted to watch them jump around like can-can dancers, I'd go to the Moulin Rouge.

    1. That video took an ungodly length of time to make, at least a full week if they had a small "mover" crew, maybe less if they had a large one. It may look simple, but every book on that set was moving.

  2. Real books are nice to hold and seem very rambunctious. Just imagine what all those 1's and 0's are doing after you turn off your Kindle.

  3. I love it, thanks for posting. And yes, I LOVE books. Just holding one makes me feel somehow calmer....

  4. My wife asked for one of those e-readers for Christmas, and when I was buying it I was thinking "Wow, cool! I'll borrow it and with this thin little tablet I'll do way more reading!" I had to purchase and download some e-books for her, and when I opened up a book and commenced to read, after I had read about 2 pages/screens I thought "To hell with this....."


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