Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I was going to Tweet
something, but
decided it'd be better
to just take a few hits
from a hammer instead!
Yeah, so someone who reads the page was annoyed we experimented with Twitter and then dropped it.

So he begged us, and "begged" is not too strong a word. So we allowed him access to our Twitter login and he's been attempting to rev it up or twit it up or whatever.

He says we have 102 followers. I think Lady Gaga has a pair of shoes with 9 million followers, so 102 is not very good.

If you want to follow us, you have to go to your magic lightbox and search for @collegemisery. Or #collegemisery. Or maybe you actually need to hold a blue bird in your hand and then call out for us.

We, that is the mods, the coolest kids in the compound, hold the Twitterverse in remarkable disdain. Why? We don't know. We love Blogger even though it's no good. We're just stupid, maybe. We think all digital culture is going to implode, like, any minute.

We've lost some steam. We don't remember why we started this post.


  1. 16 of the last 20 posts have been posted by the moderator. The illusion that this is a group blog is officially blown.

    I have nothing against the page. I just don't like the duplicity that this is somehow a real or genuine academic effort. It's a vanity project about as redeeming as an hour of reality TV or half a bowl of crystal meth.

    Just sayin'.

    Oh, and the mod probably wrote this comment too. LOL!

    1. Don't you pay attention? We write it all.

    2. Some of the alters have been lazy of late, for which they/we apologize. We really will try to do better, but have been sort of busy with a variety of things, including conducting the sort of email exchanges Tuba-Playing Prof reproduces a couple of posts down.

    3. I think this would be a MUCH better blog if the mods posted every rant from Futzmonster that the blog is no good -- that would really add some quality.

  2. @Futzmonster. Why cannot you understand that this blog is just a group of friends talking to each other? I don't think anyone expects (or wants) massive following. Even if there were just 500 hits a day, that'd perfectly ok.

  3. +1
    (from a hanger-on at the periphery & eavesdropper to the friends' convo...)

  4. All the comments are made by moderators too, don't you know? The Miami Four are camped out simply responding to themselves.


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