Monday, October 1, 2012

Anyone Having Trouble Accessing CM from an iPhone?

From a reader:

Oddly, I can access the CM site from my laptop or desktop, but if I try on my iPhone I get an error - bX-t7j7tq.

I quit my browser then launched it again. I have logged out then logged back into my Google account from which I post.

Just thought you might want to know in the event others are having the same problem. I will try doing a reset on my iPhone and see if that helps (but other sites are working fine).


  1. I've had the same thing all weekend, and get the same error code. It made me sad

  2. Fab sent me an email about this last night and I can't duplicate the error on either an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, both running iOs 6.


  3. 3G and 4S both working okay.

  4. I have the same problem, and restarting or resetting isn't making it go away. Oh well.

  5. No problem here-4s and IO6. I get two versions, one designed for a phone and the other an option for the web-based version.

  6. My iPhone, it seems
    has the same trouble,
    was pouring a single,
    but made it a double.

  7. I found this article helpful with regard to the iOS6 issues. It relates to problems with corrupt safari bookmarks and battery drain:

    There are also some helpful ideas in the comments.

  8. iPhone 4S, iOS6. No battery drain. No problems with bookmarks.

    But cannot access CM on my iPhone; just keep getting the blogger error page. I suspect it has something to do with HISTORY, but on the iPhone, I don't know how to clear the history, if it's even possible. I did restart, then reset all settings and restarted again. Nope.

    Then in Mac OS 10.8 from an iMac, I could no longer send comments. Logged into gmail. But comments disappear into cyberspace. Downloaded Camino. The comments box appears for a split second, then disappears. Am trying this in Firefox and seeing what happens.

  9. It worked from Firefox on my iMac. Makes me wonder if there are some compatibility issues with Safari, the Mac OS, iOS, etc. Oy.

  10. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.


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