Monday, October 1, 2012

Real Goddamned Mail: "More Navel Gazing."

  • Truthfully I don't visit your site as often, mostly because of Xxxxxxx. If you'd keep him off the page it'd be a much more pleasant place. Honestly, I don't know how you let him go on in the way he does. He's insulting and frankly creepy. If that's what your page is about, you can have it.
  • There was such a variety of things at RYS, and that's not true of this place any more.
  • You don't post any new information. It's all about "Why does nobody read us?" Well, that's why.
  • There are some of your regulars who are too stupid for words.
  • I think the idea of bitching about a cushy tenured teaching job is just out in this economy. I don't have any sympathy for you people any more. Buck it up and teach your classes.
  • I used to be a champion for this page, but you have some real nuts posting, like Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx. They actually sound like they need some medication, and I'm not kidding. Their violent tendencies come across as frightening not humorous, and I just don't want to see what they have to say next.
  • Too many idiots posting the most stuff. You have some really great people who only comment. I'd read a whole page of posts by Cassandra and Stella for example. But the ones who dominate are little boys trying to shock each other. I'm definitely over it.
  • More navel gazing. Oh good. Now tell us about the stupid college you all work at. We're not interested. You write a blog for your friends. So why do you care if anyone else reads it? If you and your buddy Xxxxxxx can compare notes over who is the most clever, then you should be happy.
  • I dare you to go look at any month of posts at Rate Your Students. You'll be embarrassed at the content you provide in comparison.
  • The upswing is over. The peak is passed. It's a good idea, but as a longtime reader, I think I've seen all you've got. I only check the page once a week, and it takes me about 5 minutes to go through any of the worthwhile stuff.
  • Gotta be the improvement in graphics!
  • You don't matter anymore.
  • You used to be funny. Now it's all so serious. I get serious and tedium at work.
  • I have no sympathy for you. You are reaping what you sowed.
  • I'm glad you've raised the question, because I think you've overstayed your welcome. There is some value to the venting of the professoriate's troubles, but you need a certain level of skill and aplomb to make it more than a silly one-joke blog.


  1. THANK YOU! We're dead and no one likes us. Sounds like a reason to start a blog!!!

  2. violent tendancies... please. Guess I make things a bit too real for some people.

    1. I think Strelnikov gets to claim 'most violent.' I love Streni!

    2. So somebody thinks Strelnikov is real? Or Bubba is actually going to ride onto campus on that horse, pull out a pair of six-guns, and start blasting away? Or Ben concocts untraceable poisons in his spare time? Or Frod might go astronomical if that tea-partying grad student leaves the observatory roof open again?*

      Like Hiram, I'm baffled (but also enlightened as to how Huck Finn gets periodically banned. As F&T has pointed out, these people need a basic literature course.)

      *Why do I suspect the personae people perceive as creepy and potentially violent are male? After all, WhatLadder has threatened to throw sharp objects at students, and Wombat has made some pretty specific threats against people who jam the copier. And, of course, everybody knows that writing (not so) bad haiku is a clear indicator of serious antisocial tendencies. Somebody needs to keep an eye on Greta. Suzie, of course, is a model of nonviolent protest (and probably all the more effective for that).

  3. does that mean we're all zombies now? Because zombies are passe. Or is that vampires? I can never keep track...

  4. Our long standing troll out of Eugene has visited today. I've zapped his comment because he's just so damn penetrating with his wisdom and wit. Unfortunately it also zapped Prof. Tingle's comment where he called him a douchebag. It was fun. It made my smile.

    I'm getting a fair amount of mail (40 more since posting this) on the matter and the feelings are varied.

    Generally people don't think we should worry about any of it. As one longtime reader (Vilma from Vancouver) says, "I don't HAVE to read the page. I CHOOSE to. Isn't that clear enough to the meatheads?"

    1. Maybe his trollness can be the Duck we roast in celebration of hit number 4,000,000.

  5. The blog is dead. Long live the blog!

  6. I think visibly worrying about your stats is a guaranteed boner-killer. That said, it's not like we have direct competition, unless you read the Crampicle ironically.

  7. To each his own...

    I love it here. I can vent and not mince words.

    As for a "cushy tenured" job. Yes, I'm glad I have a job, especially in this economy. But my brother, who went to a 2-yr college makes $20K more a year than I do, doing data entry. Cushy?! Putting in an average of 60 hours a week, usually closer to 80. I could make the same income as a store manager. And believe me, I've thought about it.

    I guess they think we watch soap operas and eat bon-bons all day.

  8. Meh. Has it ever occurred to these people to PROVIDE content? No, because that takes originality and courage. Of course, I don't provide content precisely because my cushy tenured job would make it unseemly.

  9. Yeah, totally. Xxxxxxxxx is a dickhead.

    But seriously - Stella and Cassandra rock. I didn't write that RGMail, but I agree with who ever it was.

  10. All this time, I've been misspelling Xxxxxxxxx's name. I thought it was spelled Xxxxxxx. I should have used spellchecker. I apologize.

  11. Personally, I'm rather fond of Xxxxxxx. Xxxxxxx I mostly just ignore.

    And I'm feeling a bit flustered by the compliments, and will try to actually post more, though honestly I feel I tend to go on a bit too much to be very entertaining. Brevity is not my strength.

  12. "I think the idea of bitching about a cushy tenured teaching job is just out in this economy. I don't have any sympathy for you people any more. Buck it up and teach your classes."

    Your mom eats slices of the nether regions of barnyard animals for breakfast!


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