Friday, October 26, 2012

"She's Working Her Way Through College." Today's VidShizzle.


  1. Hollywood obviously has no concept of real life. Attentive students. Neat appearance. Shirts tucked in. No pajama bottoms, no Uggs. Thoughtful answers. Declining the opportunity for an apology.

    What planet was this on?

    1. This was filmed a very long time ago. Notice that an intelligent character is being played by Ronald Reagan.

  2. Frod can correct me if I'm wrong but astronomers now classify planets using a numeric code. This one is Planet 1957.

  3. Ah yes, good old Planet 1957. Where Ronald Reagan could pass for a scholar.

  4. Seeing this, can there be any doubt that one reason humans haven't returned to the Moon since 1972 is that, since then, American society has become silly and decadent?

    But then, the changes in society since then haven't been all bad. Notice that there are no people of color in this classroom. There weren't any on the space ark in "When Worlds Collide" (made in 1951), either.

  5. Interesting how she can be so sexy in long sleeves, a high neckline, and a long skirt. Even the sweater is pretty modest (no jiggles, no nipples).

  6. Part of that may be from being an actress. She knows how to walk instead of schlump along, knows how to carry herself instead with her head held up instead of slouching and shuffling with her head down and shoulders rounded.

    Men seemed to have better posture and bearing, also.


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