Monday, October 29, 2012

UPDATE: Papa Paul

So there is SOME justice in this world. A while ago I blogged about Papa Paul and his excuses. Turns out that Papa Paul has yet to login to his two online classes that began two weeks ago. Students have been communicating with him and requesting information and help, and when no response came, they contacted the chair. The chair asked IT to check on this. IT says Papa Paul has not logged in once to the Portal-Magic-Online-Hole to teach his online classes, although Papa Paul has spent considerable time on Facebook.

Papa Paul is not getting his contract renewed for next year.

And guess who is NOT taking over Papa Paul's online classes.


  1. Wow. That's some pretty serious nonfunctionality there (and is part of what give online learning a bad name, and has the rest of us jumping through multiple hoops to show our online classes are "real," so I'm annoyed, too). With just the information that you've given (and my own experience of what's going on when I just can't get started on a task that, objectively, I'm perfectly capable of doing), I'm wondering whether Papa Paul is clinically depressed (or whether there's something else diagnosable -- e.g. addiction -- going on). But that isn't really your problem, or your chair's (and I can't help noticing that somewhat higher -- i.e. normal -- expectations of Paul earlier might actually have brought the problem to light sooner, possibly before it got to what appears to be a pretty serious crisis point). I hope Paul gets the help he appears to need, and that you get a new, more functional colleague. There's quite a selection of competent people out there who would love to have the job, I'm sure.


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