Monday, October 29, 2012

Wherein One of the Bestest and Strangest User Names Makes An Appearance.

Dear Diva Dana,

No, you may not contact a star Show Hamster Weaver at the famous Hamster school down the road to ask, on behalf of the Hamster Department I chair and in which you are a modestly successful undergraduate, for recommendations of people to teach a subject we don’t offer at our small SLAC but which you urgently feel we should.

Professor Saucy Turtles


  1. This kind of student attitude is one of the reasons I'm not sure I'd fit in at a SLAC. But can't she cross-register at the school down the road, or perhaps do some sort of independent study with someone who is at least qualified to help her determine what she should be reading. Or perhaps those are the suggestions you already offered, and she rejected, because they don't recognize her specialness sufficiently?

    P.S. The username is, indeed, wonderfully strange. I'm trying to figure out whether "saucy" describes an attitude or a culinary preparation. Since I've never encountered a saucy turtle of either description, I'm stumped. But I hope you'll write/comment more often, so I can continue being intrigued, and stumped. My brain needs the exercise after writing "make sure the analysis in the body of your paper connects as directly as possible to your thesis" for the umpteenth time.

  2. This makes me happy to have no other school within a 40 mile radius of our SLAC.


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