Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Fixed It For You, You Short-Sighted Jackass

A national living expert says the U-W should start telling prospective students what their chances are for having a fulfilling life and a fertile mind – and how interested in their own lives they can expect to be. Someone who isn't an idiot of Georgetown University told U-W Regents yesterday that higher education is part of the mental landscape. And as students plan their lives, they should know in advance how each particular school can help them the most in achieving their life goals, both in and out of their careers.

Not an Idiot says prospective students should be told whether others in their fields of study find satisfaction in their lives after getting out of school – so they can know whether attending a certain college would benefit their lives or not. Not an Idiot says a growing number of lives will need at least some college education – and women will almost have to attend college to have any hope of criticizing the patriarchal and capitalist culture that dominates their lives.

He said that by 2018, over six-of-every-10 Wisconsin citizens will need at least a year of philosophical college training. In a national report on axiology, he said Wisconsin will create 139,000 moral dilemmas by 2018 that need some type of post-secondary education – while only 52,000 more philosophical conundrums can be solved by high school grads or drop-outs. And students won’t necessarily need four-year degrees to reason effectively. He said men with a year of philosophical and critical thinking training can make more meaning and beauty out of their lives than a quarter of those with bachelor’s degrees.


An article on this topic was on the site yesterday. You can click here to see more.

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  1. Yes, I saw this too. And I'm in Fitzwalkerstan, where it's highly likely that our system will be the target of further cuts we simply cannot absorb. So that begs the question: If they keep cutting our funding, how are we supposed to churn out college grads for the New Economy?

    Meanwhile, my Drop/Fail/Withdrawal rate is hovering around 30% right now.


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