Friday, November 23, 2012

Today's VidShizzle Lipdub from Some Kappa Sigs at Ramapo College.


  1. Is this the most lip dubbed song of the year?

  2. Only incompetents like you would ridicule students, the lifeblood of your work. You're embarrassing.

  3. Rafael, I don't see anyone ridiculing. Way to use those critical thinking skills. Now THAT's embarrassing.

  4. And for the record: the snowflakes are NOT the lifeblood of anything. They're the ones that cause people to disdain younger generations and stereotype all young people as incompetent. They're the ones who use all the resources and energy and suck the life OUT of an organization and out of dedicated professors and staff. Snowflakes are not the lifeblood. The lifeblood are ones who work hard and not make excuses for their own inadequacies. The lifeblood of an organization is not its weakest link, the students who don't belong in college.

  5. Yay for you CC!! I hate when people don't get that we are not making fun of ALL students, just the snowflakes! Only a snowflake could miss the difference!

    I liked the Harvard baseball team better.

    1. Thanks, Bella! And we're not even so much making fun or ridiculing as despairing...

      And I, too, liked the Harvard team's rendition. :)


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