Monday, December 3, 2012

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Irish college students turning to sex trade for cash

University students in Ireland are selling themselves for money.

'Escort Ireland,' the country's biggest online escort agency has even set up web pages dedicated to independent escorts at various universities.

The "University College Cork (UCC) Escorts" page advertises "independent escorts and escort agencies in University College Cork" with pictures of female escorts beneath a picture and description of the college.

A similar page can be found for Queens University in Belfast. Elsewhere on the site, it states, "Dublin 9 is also home to one of Ireland's biggest universities, DCU (Dublin City University), and, for this reason, student escorts are sometimes based here."



  1. This is so disturbing. In my community college days (most of my career) I came across a few women who worked in various parts of the sex trade. It was always heart breaking to hear them tell the most peripheral of their stories. One told me it was the only work she was qualified to do. It was one of the longest and saddest cries of my life. My heart goes out these women, wherever they are.

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