Monday, December 3, 2012

Snowflake Email.

Hi SB,
I wont be coming to class tomorrow, I am stuck at home which is 3 hours away from the city the person that was giving me a ride does not want to drive on the ice roads tonight.We've had bad weather this weekend, let me know if I can do something or if the assignment is being graded.

Edwina the Education Major

Dear Ed.

It snows during winter here. It even gets cold. Is the in-class assignment being graded? Did you read your syllabus? By the way, that assignment is half of the final exam. I can’t wait to see the look on your face then.



I'm wondering if there's a place and time I can hand in my assignment before the class on Tuesday at 5 PM, just because I have a two hour gap between my other class and Intro to Fur Weaving that I can't really use to be productive for my other final projects while being at school. If not then that's okay. Please let me know!

Patty Pre-med


Is it alright for you to skip because nothing we do is worth your precious time? Go for it. All term the class has joked about me teaching across the hall and then walking out of that class and in to yours. Where the hell do you think I am going to be?


  1. Can't be productive for two hours at school? You don't have a laptop, books, and a memory stick?

    I hope you're going into one of the more non-lethal fields of medicine, like Dermatology.

    1. Dermatology can indeed be lethal if your dermatologist is incompetent. I wouldn't worry, though: with Patty's charm and work ethic, I bet she'll be working in educational administration instead of medicine.

  2. Can't be productive for two hours at school? You don't have a laptop, books, and a memory stick?

    Don't even need the electronics. You don't have a study-relevant book to read? The school doesn't have a library? You can't print out some articles at home to bring along and read during the two-hour down time?


  3. Two hours is just not enough time to read a chapter when I read at a third grade level, don't you know?


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