Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Suit over roommate's sex habits at Stonehill moves on.

Stonehill College has convinced a judge to throw out part of a suit brought by a former student who claimed her roommate’s sexual habits caused her to suffer depression and withdraw from the college.

In the civil suit filed in federal court in Boston in February, Lindsay Blankmeyer claimed her senior-year roommate had sex with her boyfriend while Blankmeyer tried to sleep a few feet away. Blankmeyer also claimed her roommate engaged in “sexually inappropriate video chatting” when Blankmeyer was in the room. The suit seeks $150,000 in damages.



  1. "Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed." - Monty Burns

  2. You know, I think the colleges should do more if a student complains about this. I hate the idea that my kids will have to sleep in a dorm room with people having sex two feet away, loudly. Obviously, she should have tried to work it out. I wonder if she did, but I do remember that the colleges are pretty useless in helping students get out of bad situations.

    When I was a freshman, I roomed in the party dorm. I did not realize it was the party dorm. I had three roommates, and there was never not a party in my room. After a couple of straight weeks of drinking every night (welcome to college) I decided that it was not for me. I laugh to think about my immigrant parents dropping me off at college, so pleased, never ever dreaming it would be like THAT. LOL. There was a quiet dorm, and I wanted to switch into it, and the campus life office gave me shit about it! They wanted me to work it out with my roommates. That was not going to happen, not because they were bad people, but because.....just duh. It was not going to happen. I was not going to go into detail about the partying and rat everyone out. And the general details I was giving were not good enough. I ended up winning that argument, but I had to fight for it.

    Even in that crazy dorm, though, the sex was not that big of an issue. People were more decent back then, I think. Lots of sex was going on, but we TALKED about it----and arranged not to be in the dorm, and it did not happen after the bars (in my room at least) when everyone was in there sleeping.

    1. When I was in college, I had a job that required me to get up at O-dark-thirty on Saturday. Every Friday night at 2 AM I was awakened by the sound of bed-springs. It wasn't my roommate; it was coming through the ventilation ducts.

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  4. It's so people can make money from dorm parties....


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