Monday, December 10, 2012

Twitter Cheating Scandal Surfaces on U of North Alabama Campus Before Exams.

The stresses of college exams may have students pulling all-nighters or cramming during extra study sessions. However a controversial Twitter account at the University of North Alabama promises to help students-for a price.

The account violates the school’s academic honesty policy and school officials are warning students not to be tempted by Twitter.

UNA officials are monitoring the online traffic of a certain twitter account very closely – @UNAHomeworkHelp.

“It’s very concerning and we would like to find out if possible who is involved in it and more importantly we want to discourage from falling into the temptation,” said UNA Spokesman, Josh Woods.

The UNA Homework Help account promises to write papers or finish homework assignments, in exchange for money. In one tweet, the person behind the anonymous account promises the services are “Totally confidential and worth every penny”.

“If they don`t have enough time to do their homework then they don`t need to be in school is the way I look at it,” said UNA junior, Daisy Clark. “If you`re gonna have to pay for college, why do you want to pay someone else to do your homework?”

University officials call this bold act of promised homework help, cheating. However, the Twitter account addresses that issue too, writing: “Cheating or not. Everything is 100 percent anonymous. DM me to see how.”


  1. Maybe it's a sting operation by a UNA prof fed up with cheating.

    1. Inspiration! That's going to be on my application for a sabbatical. My boss would probably approve of me entrapping students form my school's competitors. It really doesn't matter to me because I'll make money either way.

    2. I want to help! Can I have a fedora and a badge?

  2. They know how to do this, but have no fucking idea how to login to their school email or use the LMS? Go figure.


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