Sunday, January 6, 2013

Adjunct professors are hiding in plain sight. From the Denver Post.

Retail employees, food service workers, call center operators: These, we are told, are the low-paying jobs of the future. Unfortunately, that list would be incomplete without including one of the fastest growing job titles at the business networking site LinkedIn: adjunct professors. Between 2007 and 2011, the number of people describing themselves there this way grew by almost 40 percent.

The numbers in Colorado aren't much better than they are nationwide. At CU-Boulder, for example, government data shows only 54 percent of faculty are tenured or on the tenure track. Even at a private school like the University of Denver, 48 percent of the faculty are part-time. Thirty-one percent of faculty there are non-tenure track.

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  1. I think the adjunct "crisis" is just the new normal now. We've sold our souls by buying in to this model and I fear nothing will ever turn it around. Tenured proffies are dinosaurs.

    Enjoy it while it's still around.

    1. When all the capitalists, Libertarians, and Republicans are killed after The Revolution this "new normal" will be in the dustbin.

      You didn't sell your soul (unless you are a college president in disquise); the capitalist ruling class did. You live in the ruins of their failure.

  2. I work as a sessional, which seems to be the Canadian equivalent of an adjunct. I teach labs and classes (at two universities in two different cities) on short term contracts. The lack of job security sucks, but I can't really bitch about my pay, though.

    $800 a course is way less than what Canadian sessionals make. I think Wal-Mart employees get paid more per hour.


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