Monday, February 11, 2013

6 People Who Took Overprotective Parenting Way Too Far. From and Sent By a Number of Readers.

Professional tutors have always walked a fine line between empowering students to do better in school and actually doing the work for them. Wealthy parents in New York City have been caught hiring "tutors" to do just that -- complete their children's work for them. So concerned are they with being able to brag to their friends that Junior is attending Harvard that they couldn't care less if they literally buy his way in. Hey, the sooner the kids figure out how the real world works, the better.

One medical student tutored students from wealthy families and made over $150,000, which he used to put himself through school. He started off working for a standard tutoring agency, but the prospect of making tons of cash by doing unethical things like writing college entrance essays for students was too enticing to pass up. After all, if he didn't do it, someone else would. One mother, a college professor, hired him to "tutor" her son through high school. But once her son graduated and moved off to college, he promptly flunked out without his tutor's assistance.



  1. Number 4 watched "WarGames" too many times.

  2. And now I'm getting a sidebar ad from a tutoring service that reads "is your good kid getting bad grades?" Spend a bit of time digging out all the assumptions underlying that question, and I think you'll find the root of many of the problems with education today, including the ones described above.


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