Saturday, February 9, 2013

Confessions of a sex columnist. From the Chico News & Review.

During her semester of dishing out dirty personal details as The Orion’s sex columnist, Chico State junior Audrey Crosby was mostly able to accept the negativity that seems to come with the job.

When a pair of female classmates told Crosby that writing for the O-Face “was a sin,” she didn’t think much of it. Regularly getting an earful from a “fanatic woman” at the library didn’t faze her.

Oddly enough, it was a juvenile form of criticism that she found much more upsetting.

“One day I was in the library, I found an Orion on the table,” Crosby said over coffee at the Naked Lounge (giggle) in downtown Chico. “It was opened to the opinion section, and they had drawn faces and written stuff above everybody’s mugshots. I flip back to mine, and they had drawn giant tits on me and written ‘whore’ in really big letters.”



  1. I'd love to read a longitudinal study of college sex columnists.

    I'm just a boorish old man, I know, but it always seems to me that they are so energetically trying to claim sex as some sort of adult device that differentiates them from the child they were in high school.

    I had one in a class when I was a grad TA at Big Important But Mediocre University in Chicago. She was playing this evolved and capable creature, but inside she was just a bundle of insecurities and fears. She wrote about her various trysts and couplings, but in her own essay writing in my class she was starved for real affection.

    I always think of her, how damaged she seemed to my untrained eye, whenever I read about this phenomenon.

    1. @Hiram: I've had similar sentiments. And yet I've also sometimes wished I were a little less damaged myself.

    2. You are the best goddamned RGM in the whole wide world wide web.


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