Monday, July 29, 2013

Suggestion from "The Others"

There have always been "the others," a large group of folks who are in contact quite regularly with the mods. Cal tells us this was fairly common back in RYS days. We encourage folks to have a bit more faith that they can remain anonymous on here, but we respect your decisions not to fly a flag if you're not comfortable. 

Many correspondents are completely unknown to us. They use dedicated Gmail accounts to submit material and correspond. We only know whose folks real identities are if they log in to our page with their own email address, or if they tell us. We love knowing all of you, and have a terrific record of keeping things on the downlow!

A recent post has energized some of our readers, and we've collected a sampling of their notes below:

    Not entirely silent.
  • Leslie, don't forget us "others!" Just because we don't comment or post doesn't mean we don't read and that we don't have a stake in things. It does feel as if there are only 4 people (maybe a dozen) active on the site, but you don't get 6 million hits in 3 years with just those people! I loved the "regulars" features on the old site. Get some folks to sign up for 1 month stints where they post once a week. Hiram did this splendidly this year already. [Fluids, Inc.]
  • I would bet that my wife and I have the only two RTFS-College Misery bumper stickers at Xxxxxxx College. We both love the page and want it to continue pretty much as is. More posts, of course, more voices, of course, if possible. [Tweedle-Dick and Tweedle-Darlene]
  • I like it when the page acts as a news aggregator, at least once a week? [Janice P.]
  • Is there a way to vote for post of the week in a more formal way? [Trey from Tucson]
  • I'm typing this in Yaro please don't let the slow summer kill the page. I like the vidshizzles, just so I don't have to search them myself. I think more polls would be cool, as long as you used a program that didn't collect or save IP addresses or identifying information on the participants. [The Foodie]
  • Can't you just report on Katie once a week? I mean, she says she's not Katie, so who are you reporting on? Nobody, right? No copyright infringement. Did you see she broke up with the love of her life, the guy she calls "Dude" and who lived in another city? My heart broke, a little bit, and then I threw up in my mouth. [Yazoo Pittz]
  • I love it all the way it is. Summer is quiet. Got it. It'll rev up in the fall. Are there any incentives for people to post more? What about a prize - from your ad coffers - for the most popular post of the month? [Gallumph in Galveston]
  • Cut the ads! Didn't someone already pay the domain fees this year? Put me down for 2014 if you need be and I'll do a PayPal. The ads make us look too corporate. Also, why can't you report on where people go when they leave, Angry Archie or Darla? And how can we get Walter to be a regular again? Are his meds working this month? [Jeremiah Trotter & the Pasture Boys]
  • I will write some for the page. I have not in the past because of the fear of being outed. This is my tenure year, though, and I'm cutting loose of all of the shackles soon! [Wilhemina from, Well, I can't tell you quite yet.]


  1. I'm going to pipe up to say that the only people who have a right to suggest that contributors post on a weekly basis should be people who have posted on here (Hiram, have at it). The next person to suggest that we have weekly regulars should be required to post witty, insightful, funny, and deep material weekly for the next six months. It's not that it's a bad suggestion, but who has time for that? Administrators, that's who!

  2. OH, and Kudos to the mods for interacting with people who don't comment but who still want to be part of the community. How do you babysit us AND do your jobs?

  3. The comment about Katie's love life made me make a noise halfway between choking and laughing. It was delightfully embarrassing.

    I do think I'm going to start doing a regular feature, but the summer is too hectic. Maybe others could do the same?

    Can we do this more often, where we present smatterings of mail? Spam related to the page is probably also pretty funny, but let's piss some people off and then collect the best of their anger.

  4. All of the others have better nicknames than me!!


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