Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RYS Flashback. Six Years Ago Today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Guy Makes Us Feel So Tough That We Just Bitchslapped Ourselves.

I like the new look and I hope it portends a new, tougher era at RYS.

I especially like how you got rid of the lame "negotiating the tricky dynamic of the modern classroom" bit. Why? Because I don't now, nor ever did, come to RYS to negotiate anything with the students.

I come for smackdowns. I come for hardcore, ball busting rants. When students come to RYS, I want them to be afraid, very afraid. I want them to think that if they are shitty in class or shitty on RMP, then I can get my revenge on them here. I don't want them to have the comfort of me (us) being "more mature" and "above that."

I want them to fear my anonymous wrath, and have their former confidence of my impotence stripped away. I want them to really get that what goes around, comes around. That is what I want for the new school year on RYS. Why? Because for the new school year on campus, I'm introducing a new, kinder, gentler version of myself, and if I can't vent actually or virtually on RYS, I will lose my goddamn mind!

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  1. I love how formatting and the look and the tag lines have always been an issue. Amazing.

    And, I'm confused by this desire to be tough online but gentler in the classroom! I wonder how it worked all those years ago. Has the pendulum swung the other way?


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