Monday, September 30, 2013


Rick in Raleigh writes:

This morning, during the 3-4 minutes pre-class, a few people in the front row and I are talking about the Breaking Bad finale we - and zillions of others - watched Sunday night. A girl, at least 15 rows toward the back actually screams "NO!" and covers her ears, shaking her head back and forth.

"DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!! I'm only up to Season Two..."

Listen, exactly how long does she think we're supposed to not spoil things?


  1. I have no patience for the spoiler people. When I find out the score of a football game I'm recording, well, that's my bad luck. I could have watched it in many cases, but usually I choose not to.

    Season 2 she's on? Is she going to live in a cave with her DVDs until she catches up?

  2. This is officially my favorite CM graphic of all time. Fuck the spoiler people. Rick, go up to her in class tomorrow and tell her about Santa Claus, too.

  3. WHAT?! Walt and Skyler make up? I knew that they would escape and fall back in love together.

    I didn't get a chance to watch it last night but it's on my DVR. Now there's no point in wasting my time since you gave away the ending. Thanks a lot.

    1. Ben, I just figured out, in the process of hearing all the recaps of the show, why people have been asking you if you know how to make meth. Even given the fact that I haven't seen the show at all, I admit I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

  4. Keep yer lip buttoned until the final season DVD set comes out. Then blab away.

    *fingers in ears* La la la la la I can't hear you la la la la la la.

  5. Can you imagine what Prof. Heisenberg's RMP score would be?!?!?!

  6. Vince Gilligan talked about a written but unfilmed scene on "Talking Bad" where Walt was ID'ed by a former student. Walt asked the student if he thought he was a good teacher. The student said, "Yeah. I remember this one thing when you sprayed different chemicals into a Bunsen burner and it made different color flames." Walt asked, "What did you learn from that?"
    "If you spray different chemicals into a Bunsen burner you can get different colored flames."

  7. Laius and Jocasta are Oedipus' parents, Anna Karenina kills herself, and Pooh is actually a girl.

    1. Darth Vader is Luke's father.

      Gollum falls into the Crack of Doom with the Ring.

      Conan defeats everybody.

      Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent.

      Bruce Wayne is really Batman.

      Anything else I can spoil for you?

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    1. Jesse, are you still alive? My advice, brother, keep driving.


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