Thursday, November 7, 2013

CM Flashback Because I Miss Dr. Tingle. Three Years Ago Today.

Sunday with Dick.

The grading session
begins amidst crumbles of
delicious muffin madness.

The top project has so many errors,
that I want to just shred it rather
than mark it. Yet this is my job.

This is wrong, squire.
This, too, is wrong.
You've done this in a format
incompatible with the English-
speaking readership.

These stats are made up,
I'd bet my spleen.

I am almost out of red ink,
and this is a new pen.

The second paper fares better.
I find that when I write not at all,
the grade is always high.
The project works;
my pen hand is limp.

When done, I write "SPLENDID"
on the first page, but I suspect
that won't even be read.
Or the student will wonder what
"splendid" means. Splendid
is one of Yaro's words.
I save it for the right occasion.
So, "SPLENDID," and "BRAVO!"
I write, with the exclamation point.
Maybe I just right "100" or "A."

"A+" Is that too much?

I go back to the first paper.
At the end of my voluminous comments
about the inanity of the project,

He'll think "terrific" means good.
That way we both win.

Muffins? Are there any left?

There are projects left, of course. A stack.
But a muffin!

It would be splendid.


  1. I'm taking a CM break from commenting on paper drafts, and now I want a muffin

  2. After Herr Tingle did a number of weekly posts he decided to step back for a while.

  3. I, too, miss Dick. I hope he'll stop back in now and then. And speaking of poets, I miss Greta. I hope she's doing okay; it sounded from her last post like she was going through a rough patch.

    And making muffins is now on my agenda, if not for this weekend, then at least over Thanksgiving break. Cranberries are starting to appear in the stores, right? I really like cranberry/orange/walnut muffins.


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