Monday, November 3, 2014

9 Years Ago This All Started.

Thanks to "The Professor," Chronos, Cash, Cricket, Cal, Fab, Leslie K, Gordon and all the fabulous long-time residents of the various compounds.

Rate Your Students started 9 years ago today with these two posts. We present them as they appeared.


Thursday, November 3, 2005


As we begin, let's be clear. Rating students and professors is a gigantic waste of energy and time. But as long as continues to operate mostly unmoderated and with no real intention of limiting anonymous attacks from anyone who'd like to log in, we will operate over here on our little site.

We will rate our students here. And we will do it without compunction. Then we'll just see where we're at. We'll still be poor academics. But at least those callous and ignorant ‘customers’ of ours will know what it's like. What we believe here is that if it's little, you say it's little.”

Merciless in Ohio.

An English professor from a college in Ohio writes:

My dream is to face down baseball playing D, and tell him that I won't shed a tear for him when he blows his hose. He's never prepared for class, and he mostly shows up so he can run his mouth into the sweet ear of that sorority candy who sits next to him.

I'm expected to meet him at his own whim when he can't make my class or my office hours. I get faux-frantic calls from the Coach who thinks D might go to the "show" someday, and wouldn't it be great for the college when he does.

I'd just like him to write his own paper once. Or at least crack the spine of that $40 textbook.

I'd like to smack his smug face.


  1. May the duck bless you all for your service.

    1. Or perhaps Yaro, the duck, and . . . .? (I'm trying to figure out the RYS/CM trinity. I'm pretty sure Yaro is the father/parent, and the air he can summon may be the holy ghost, but I'm not quite sure where the duck fits in. The son doesn't seem quite right. John the Baptist, maybe?)

  2. 2005? Blimey! I was young, slim, and still had some hair....

    Thanks to all who contribute: RYS, CM1, AWC, and CM2 have all been great!!

  3. "The Professor," sent me this note via Cal:

    9 years? I remember it like it was yesterday. I'm so happy that the idea continues in some way. I certainly am a different professor than I was then. First of all, I'm tougher and more brave, and a lot of that comes from what I learned from my readers. Thank you all for giving a shit about this profession. Courage.

    "The Professor"

    PS: Older, fatter, more hairless, but happier.

  4. $40 text book???

    Wow, don't times change...

  5. It's historical, I tell you. We're all historical!

  6. hysterical, historical, what's a few vowels among friends?


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