Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blog Blip.

I think it was Leslie K who began to notice what came to be called "blog blips," these old posts that occasionally would surge to the top of our hit counts, even though they were months or years old, even though they'd not been forced upon you as a flashback.

Two of those popped up this week. We've determined, quite scientifically, that these are simply posts found by one reader and then often exchanged on a list serve or something with colleagues. (Maybe it's just the original correspondent delighting in his/her words!)

Here's an old Big Thirsty from 2012, and here's a funny one about student presentations from later in the same year that both have appeared on the big hit charts recently.

PS: No official stat porn post today, but Monday/Tuesday saw a total of 10,000 views!


  1. Oh, I do this constantly, but with neither of these. I love that the archives are all available because it's fun to go back and see the old conversations.

  2. Thanks to Disqus, I'm getting responses to comments I wrote years ago.


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