Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Solution From Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, defending proposed budget cuts for higher education, took a swipe at university professors who he said could be “teaching more classes and doing more work.” “Maybe it’s time for faculty and staff to start thinking about teaching more classes and doing more work and this authority frees up theadministration to make those sorts of requests."

Walker, who does not have a college degree of his own, noted that he has a child at the University of Wisconsin. “So, of course I have a vested interest in making sure that works well,” he said.



  1. One of many problems with this is that increasing the faculty's teaching load won't leave them the time to do the research that generates the federally funded grants that R1 universities such as UW-Madison so enjoy. FUCK EM, BUCKY!

  2. More Walker nuttiness here (he's been trying to revise the university system's mission statement, but seems to have gone far enough -- removing references to the "search for truth" and "improving the human condition," for instance -- to provoke a backlash, and some satire).

    Maybe he's finally shot himself in the foot? One can hope.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was going to post an update (I have a draft sitting in the list) on Thursday but I have been so beat down I just couldn't do it. It's pretty bad when I have to actively stop myself from walking out to the road and stepping in front of a semi.

    Walker to Faculty: Work More.

    Faculty to Walker: You First, Asshole.

  4. Riggggghhhht, because professors are the ones making the big bucks and draining the system.


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