Saturday, February 7, 2015

18 Tips for a Successful Postdoc Search. From The Guardian.

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Securing a postdoc position is fiercely competitive. Research carried out by Vitae, which supports the development of researchers, suggests that only 23% of doctoral graduates find employment as research staff in higher education, while 14% work as lecturers. In some subject areas, the figures are even more bleak: for arts and humanities subjects, only 14% secured a research position.

If you are one of the many hopefuls applying for a vacancy, how can you maximise your chances of standing out? We ask principal investigators and careers advisers for their advice.



  1. The graphic may well be appropriate, since praying for a miracle might be advice at least as likely to yield results as that in the article. Well,except, perhaps, for the last item: "Think carefully about whether you want to stay in academia: If you have an opportunity to stay on and do a postdoc, it’s very easy to be flattered by that and to stay on without thinking about the longterm options or consequences. Generally, the longer you stay in a postdoc position, the harder it is for you to move into other sectors. You need to think about how you can keep your options open for other occupations – only a very small proportion of doctoral graduates will end up in a longterm academic career."

  2. This being a British article, when they say "lecturers," they mean "assistant professors," but the numbers are about right.


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